I think the act of songwriting can be fascinating to people unfamiliar with the life of a singer/songwriter, but my intent with this post…

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Connecting with a good videographer is pretty important for today’s Indie musician. Where can you find someone to fulfill this role?

I’ve written before that as a solo musician or indie band you should cross-market or cross-promote other indie artists who are like you.  In my mind, there are no competitors in the indie music business—we’re all working toward the same goal of providing quality music to a broad fan base. The number one reason continues […]

Although most songs are only a few minutes in length, the creative process is not a fast enterprise. Countless hours of work translate into just a few minutes of fan listening time.

As we speed away from the 2013 GRAMMYs, are there any lessons to be learned?

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If you are self employed, you have the distinction of having the earliest due date (which is now past due) of January 31, to file your taxes. If you’re a farmer or fisherman, you’re allowed another 4 weeks, with your due date being March 1. A couple weeks later, if your company is categorized as […]

As a singer/songwriter, are niche songs (e.g., Christmas) a good idea or a bad idea?

Most musicians begin and stay with one music genre throughout their careers because each genre has its own unique approach to songwriting.